In 2018, over 45,000 people participated in BOP, with over 277k votes and nominations.


Category Exclusive, $1500

Your ad featured exclusively at the top of one of eight categories (includes enhanced listing, and subcategory exclusive)

Categories: Food & Drink / Arts, Culture & Events / Local Business / Nonprofits / Media & Entertainment / Wellness & Self Care / Nightlife / Cannabis

• 480x320 desktop
• 300x250 mobile
• Link to your website

Subcategory Exclusive, $800

Your ad featured exclusively at the top of your subcategory. Check out all subcategories here. This also includes an Enhanced Listing.

• 300x250 creative
• Link to your website

Enhanced Listing, $350

Urge readers to nominate you with link under your sub-category! Full list of sub-categories are here. Listing Includes:

• Company logo or image - 1:1 ratio
• URL to your website
• Facebook Page (if applicable)
• Twitter handle (if applicable)
• Phone number
• Address
• Copy: 50 word limit (let readers know who you are!)

Contact your Account Executive or email to advertise.