Branded Content

Our team can write an article promoting your brand, design an informational piece (map, calendar, infographic), or even develop video content to live on our site or social channels. We’ll work with you to identify your goals and target and develop compelling content to best reach your audience.

Some examples can be found below.

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Instagram Campaign

WW sent a staffer across the city with ReachNow: a car sharing service in Portland. By showing how to use the app, find and open cars, explore the city, transport your bike and more - we had a ton of fun engaging our Instagram audience in a road trips around Portland.

To see all stories head here: Story 1, Story 2, Story 3.

Impressions: 35,872 | Engagement: 2,023



Print/Digital/Social Campaign

In January 2018, WW ran a Pet Pageant contest- asking readers, over social, print and, to submit photos of their pets for a chance to be prominently featured in the center spread of our Pet Issue. DoveLewis was featured as the key presenter in all content around the contest, drawing attention and participation from pet owners and lovers alike.

Impressions: 1,313,598 | Engagement (all clicks / submissions / votes / etc.): 24,682


Golden Hour

Sponsored Article

Golden Hour invited WW staffers to come tour their space, and enjoy a Golden Hour Chair Treatment, which combines acupuncture, massage, and aromatherapy. We wrote about our experience and published the article on Read full article here.


Aviation Gin

Video Content

As part of a comprehensive print, digital, event and social campaign to drive revenue for locally distilled Aviation Gin, WW partnered with 3 local bartenders to create cocktails using Aviation. Through the development of the cocktails, we were able to tell the story of Aviation: its origins, connection to our city, and how you can use it in different recipes.