Digital and Social

The power of Willamette Week is in our reach on many different digital platforms. We offer customizable native advertising to seamlessly integrate you into our brand.


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Sponsored Article

Put your content online in a sponsored post that will link from our homepage, and seamlessly integrate with our editorial content, providing you with a platform to speak directly to our audiences. Read more about Branded Content here.


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Exclusive Newsletter

Deliver your message straight to our audience's inbox. Our subscriber base is 59,000 strong. Exclusive newsletters are great for event promotion, exclusive offers and giveaways.


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Newsletter Banner Ads & Mentions

Leverage our most opened and read newsletters by advertising within our Daily or Weekly newsletters that inform our audience on news and events.


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Feature your brand within our Facebook or Instagram feeds to hit our youngest and most engaged audience. For maximum impact, learn about how you can work with our team to come up with something native to our voice these channels here.