Pages from our Home Guide, Fall 2018

Pages from our Home Guide, Fall 2018

Publishes in print and online March 11th, 2020

Our practical guide for turning your house into a home. Designed and edited by WW staff, this guide will fit seamlessly into our editorial. This pullout and online feature, will be a go to resource that Portland will be looking at time and again throughout the year.

Whether you’re a cleaning service, Real Estate broker, maintenance provider, or home goods store - this is the place to be. Get in front of Portland as they seek to make their house, apartment, crash pad - a home.

Home Guide, Fall 2018

Home Guide, Fall 2018

We’ll have two ways for advertisers to contribute.


Position your company as a resource for home improvement by providing tips, hacks or specific guidance on your area of expertise. You’ll have a dedicated page on our site to direct your own friends and followers to, and enough real-estate to explain how you can best serve our readers, and what makes you best.

See an example feature here.


This is the place to highlight your product or service among other resources directed at Portlander’s seeking to make their house feel like home. Features will show one image and 50 words of copy along with product & company information.

See two example product/service spotlight here.



Home Guide will Publish as a pull out in print in our 3/11 issue with 50k issues distributed throughout the Portland Metro Area.

It will also publish as a digital content hub on wweek.com on 3/11 with promotion directing our different digital audiences to the online content, estimating a minimum of 35,000 impressions.

We’ll direct 2 mentions in our Weekly Newsletter (100k subscribers) to the content hub, 1 mention in our Daily Primer Newsletter (35k subscribers) as well as direct our twitter followers to the content hub.

FEATURE, $1,500

  • 200 words, and up to 3 photos (only 1 will be featured in Print version)

  • In print, each guide will take up roughly 6u space (~6” x 6”), designed by WW

  • Individual article page on wweek.com with link out to your company

  • Inclusion in Newsletter Exclusive going out to 100k subscribers


  • 50 words on product or service, 1 photograph - provided with transparent background

  • In print, this will take up roughly a 2H ad space (~4”x3”)

  • Inclusion on “features” page on wweek.com with link out to your company