Make the most of your digital spend with a concentrated audience of greater Portland residents with disposable income and a wide range of interests. Our reach surpasses any other media company in Portland, and our fresh content attracts and retains visitors.


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Display Advertising

Advertise on on mobile or desktop in units that surround our most read content to maximize your brand content and drive our readers to your site.

Our best preforming units are limited to direct buys - which have a much higher view ability than any ads coming in through an AdExchange.

On average, our direct advertisers get a %.10 click-through-rate (CTR), versus ads coming through remnant - with an average %.09 CTR.


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Site Takeover

Our roadblocks and page takeovers offer customizable, high-impact opportunities to reach your desired audience. With 100% Share Of Voice on, you'll be heard loud and clear.


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Sponsored Article

Put your content online in a sponsored post that will link from our homepage, and seamlessly integrate with our editorial content, providing you with a platform to speak directly to our audiences. Read more about Sponsored Content here.


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Share of Voice

Our share of voice program assures your brand gets a percentage of the “voice” or audience that comes to in a given time, rather than paying for an impression count. We offer SOV of our high impact units like mobile premium island, mobile inline, desktop site block and desktop target page takeover.


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Exclusive Newsletter

Deliver your message straight to our audience's inbox. Our subscriber base is 59,000 strong. Exclusive newsletters are great for event promotion, exclusive offers and giveaways.


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Newsletter Ads & Mentions

Leverage our most opened and read newsletters by advertising within our Daily or Weekly newsletters that inform our audience on news and events.


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Feature your brand within our Facebook or Instagram feeds to hit our youngest and most engaged audience. For maximum impact, learn about how you can work with our team to come up with something native to our voice these channels here.