Standard Digital Display

We are a unique web platform because of our audience, reaching us both on desktop and mobile everyday. Buying direct from us means premium viewability for you and placement alongside our trusted, brand-safe content. Advertise on on mobile or desktop in units that surround our most read content to maximize your brand reach and drive our readers to your site.


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Display Advertising

Our direct advertisers are given the highest priority in our ad-stack. This means the best performing units are limited to direct buys, guaranteeing better visibility and engagement.

The premium priority guarantees our audience will see you first. Our direct buys get a higher viewability rate than any ads coming in through an AdExchange—a difference of at least 37%.

In turn, our direct advertisers get a .10% click-through-rate (CTR), versus ads coming through remnant—with an average .09% CTR.


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Site Takeover

Our roadblocks and page takeovers offer customizable, high-impact opportunities to reach your desired audience. Direct advertisers can target one specific page, our homepage, or our whole site. With 100% takeover on, you'll be heard loud and clear.


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Mobile Premium Island

With well over 60% of our traffic coming from mobile, our mobile premium island is by far our best performing unit. We offer direct advertisers to be the first seen by all mobile visitors—either share-of-voice or a 100% takeover.

Standard Display Specs

Mobile Sizes:

  • Mobile Premium Island: 300x250

  • Mobile Inline: 300x250

  • Mobile Footer: 320x50

Desktop sizes:

  • Leaderboard and inline: 728x90

  • Half-page: 300x600

  • Medium rectangle island: 300x250

Delivery of assets:

  • 5 business days before flight dates

File Type:


  • Custom Tags & HTML 5 also accepted

  • 1MB file limit