What continues to make print ads valuable is the nearly undivided and frequent attention that our readers give our newspaper and magazine. We know our print readers are discerning, thoughtful and intentional about the money they spend.



Reserve space in our weekly paper, with 50,000- 55,000 new copies circulated throughout the Portland Metro Area at 1,440 locations each week.

We offer a variety of sizes and pricing. Flex rates are available for regular advertisers.



Our six annual magazines serve as revered guides that live on coffee tables, in hotels, and at retailers all year long. Each is focused around broad interest groups like Cannabis, Dining, and Summer Activities.

Our Restaurant Guide & Finder live on sale year round at Powell’s.

Check out all our magazines on our Media Calendar.



We can insert your printed piece into our paper for a memorable take-away piece. Run an insert in our full circulation run, or cherry-pick neighborhoods you’d like to target.



We’re able to deliver custom placements within our publications that result in arresting brand moments.

Develop an 8-page fold-out poster in our center spread, custom runs of our magazines with your brand on the cover, photo essays on glossy paper, or stickers & wraps on our cover for impactful visibility.



With a long-standing expertise in printing, and relationships with most printers in Portland, we can facilitate the printing of your brochure, play book, or other collateral.

We can give you unbeatable pricing, recommendations around finishes, stock, and binding.